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of the gop after a stinging defeat for romney and the republicans? and how will president obama govern in a second term? we'll talk to a newly elected document congressman, joaquin castro. plus republican strategist steve schmidt, presidential historian doris kearns goodwin, nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd, and the "washington post's" bob woodward. >> announcer: from nbc news in washington, the world's longest-running television program, this is "meet the press." with david gregory. >> and good sunday morning. the newly re-elected president's message on friday, get back to work. but the focus of that work and on that work is now overshadowed by friday afternoon's resignation of cia director david petraeus, which sent as you know shock waves through washington. new details emerging now this weekend about the fbi investigation that led to the discovery of what officials believe was an extramarital affair between petraeus and his biographer, paula broadwell. and of course so many questions about where this goes from here. joining me now for the late
mitt romney won. republicans, watch out, these two are next. i would say arizona will be in the battleground in 2016. texas, joaquin may have a different -- probably not quite because texas republicans a long time ago saw this and they have tried to adjust. by the way, case you are wondering, just these ten states, 216 electoral votes. steve? >> no it's incredible and coming for a long time. the last presidential candidate to get 60% of the white vote, which mitt romney did was george herbert walker bush and received over 400 electoral votes. today, gets you an electoral college drumming. president george w. bush got 44% of the hispanic voite. the problem, there are too many republican leaders in congress. if you say the word latino and play a word association game with them, they would come back with illegal immigrant, not silver star winner, not doctor, not lawyer, not policeman, not fireman. this is an important part of our communityship. an important part of the future of the republican party and the republican party needs to get it together on its outreach to
romney's tuesday night. the democratic gains in the senate and house while the republicans are facing the reality of moving further and further away from the right wing ideology. if the republican party wants to survive, then the party that questions evolution is going to have to evolve and quickly. but will they double down on the message just by romney from the guy losing because he was flawed. steve, the republican from cleveland. and david author of e-book published by "news day" called "why romney lost." wow, that's one-day stuff. you always come out of the diagnosis postmortems by basically having an opportunity express your philosophy you had going in and said this proves me right. but did this election seem to be going in the wrong direction tuesday night as far as you were looking at it? did you know there was a problem? >> well, i knew there was a problem. in the month of august, the president said 42 states don't matter. we're going to concentrate on eight states, ohio being one of them. and we're going to define mitt romney. for the state like ohio, there wasn't enough tim
. >>> democrats and republicans are both taking aim at mitt romney, who told donors who lost because president obama handed out big gifts. >> what the president, president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> romney said the forgiveness of college loan interest was a big gift for college loan voters. he said they were very big with young college age women. and romney said free health care was a big plus. some fellow republicans were quit to reject romney's assessment. louisiana governor bobby jindal, incoming chair of the governor's association says, quote, i think that's wrong. we have to stop dividing the american voters. we need to go after 100% of the votes, not 53%. and we need to continue to show how our policies helped every voter out there achieve the american dream. which is to be in the middle class. let's bring in our strategy panel, american spectator, contributor, editor j.p.freher. let's start with you, jp. the romney campaign say
republican presidential nominee mitt romney was on a conference call with some of his top campaign donors when he said that president obama defeated him by giving things to blacks, hispanics, and young voters. >> what the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> louisiana's republican governor bobby jindal criticized romney, saying, "we have got to stop dividing the american voters. we need to go after 100% of the vote, not 53%." >>> well, as expected, xi jinping is the new leader of china after being named general secretary of the communist party, as the country faces a slowing economy and demand for change. >>> next to colorado, where a hearing today for james holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens more in a movie theater, has been delayed because he was hospitalized. holmes reportedly ran into a jail cell wall and jumped off his bed, but there are no details about his condition. >>> well, fiscal cliff fea
with romney. what is romney's position on the republican party? almost nil. i do not think he will run again. obama wants to sit down with him and talk to him. that is a sign he will then across the aisle. you can be tough for you candy a partial -- or you can be approachable. clinton was approachable. talk but very approachable. i think he is going to -- you're not going to have to run again. there is an advantage to that. you can go all out. he disappointed a lot of liberals. i thought obama was very hawkish. much more than they expected him to be. he did not close guantanamo. he was very disappointing in a lot of ways. the economic tide is turning already. whoever got elected this time, the mood in the country is better. the economic situation -- i think that is a pendulum. they go this way and that way and we're in a recovery mode now, i would guess. it is tough to read. well the republicans sit down with him? i think they have no other course to go. i am optimistic. tavis: let's go right at it. what the republican party has to do to remain relevant? i suggest to the other day and got in
's right that mitt romney did get 57 million people but the trajectory for republicans is not -- the trend is not in that direction. chris: republicans know it too. we are a mixed bag ethnically. when we come back, scoops and predictions from the notebooks chris: tell me something i don't know. >> in a belated gesture of transparency, romney's going to release his tax returns. [laughter] chris: what a hoot. >> i'm joking. but i think we go back to foreign policy in the next year and i think we're going to be writing and thinking and worrying a lot about iran. chris: iran again. yeah. >> the head of the republican party is going to run again for re-election and he will win because despite the failings of the campaign, people are satisfied with him. chris: good for him. i was talking the other day, that's the next woodward biggy. >> he's already printing bumper stickers. >> rock stars get as big a kick out of flying on air force one as everybody else does. bruce springsteen getting out of the motorcade to get on the plane on monday and he looked like a kid in a candy store. chris: did you li
. i, like many conservatives, thought mitt romney would pull out a victory, i, like many republicans, am extremely disappointed. the autopsy of what went wrong is ongoing. there will be conflicting opinions on the cause of death for the romney campaign and all those senate races. i happen to think that mitt romney ran an overly cautious and defensive campaign which allowed the other side to define him. perhaps with the exception being that first debate. some establishment republic types say this requires the party, however, to be less conservative, to be more moderate. and it's no surprise that democrats agree. i find that depressing. conservatism won huge for the g.o.p. in 2010. and it beat back a union backed recall just recently in wisconsin. but in just two years, a short period of time it's become unmarkable? nice try to. paraphrase george will, for mitt romney, conservatism was kind of like a second language he wasner comfortable articulating it or arguing it. of course latinos and new women and voters weren't sold on it either. in that vacuum they ended up buying the that nove
the beginning was incredibly weak. >> absolutely. >> but i saw republicans, once romney got the nomination, partisans gatheri around him and saying, oh, the mormon issue isn't going to matter. and it did matter. there are evangelicals who see mormons as a sect and not christian, and they did stay home. so my question is, in reforming the party, will republicans say to themselves, hey, wait a minute, we goofed up by not getting somebody more conservative and somebody christian who would appeal to evangelical christians. could they read the results that way? >> the right to life and the sanctity of marriage will always be a pt of the platform. >> always. how smart is that? >> the mormon religion did play a role, but also, mitt romney flip-flopped on same-sex marriage, they perceived that and also the abortion issue. so evangelicals can -- >> i think the republican party has become overly dependent on its evangelicals, and the real question is do they have anybody to replace them with. once they begin to appeal more broadly as these are mostly older people, as these people pass, you really wi
this name back out there. mitt romney. from one republican who was defeated by the president john mccain to this the most recent in his wake, it is mr. romney. he's now offering an explanation for his defeat on a conference call with top donors, portions of which were were put online. >>> the president's campaign focused on certain members of the base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts for the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> so the campaign is offering this statement. governor romney was simply elaborating on what obama senior strategist axelrod said about the effort to target key demographics, namely women. is this an example of why exactly romney lost? >> yes. it's basically what he said out loud in public. he confirmed that it was what he did think. it sounds like he really does think that. financial gifts to people is not really what happened. lots of republicans are really critical of this as well. they don't think it's helpful. mitt romney is going to be an irrelevant figure in the republican party any way. that is very u
? >> there is not a way to repeal a law, even if romney had oe, republicans lost two seats in the senate. there's only so much you can do if you have control of congress you can do some things, but not much. there is very limited the amount that you can do. would you can is us the law as, perhaps, an outlet for reforming entitlements. that is oe thing that obamacare, that may be the legacy. this he competion for resources. the big health care entitlements. republicans will have some say as to how thatlays out. gerri: what you're saying is, it sounds like what you're saying is some of the money could b diverted some morales. >> the irony of a lot of this healthare politics is that democrats criticize paul ryan for the premum support plan for medicare reform. the obamacare exchanges which apply to people who are a low-middle incomalso is a premium support plan. so democrats have an argument against applyg the obamacare racing just medicare? d mean, they like obamacare. what would be so terrible about migrating seniors into the obamacare exchange as a way to reform medicare using a democratic approh. gerri:
for more republicans. mitt romney echoed it. >> 47% who are with them dependent upon government, they believe they are victims, who believe government has a responsibility who care for them, who believe they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. >> reporter: but already today, you heard republican voices acknowledging that the party needs to adapt. >> i think republicans have done a pathetic job of reaching out to people of color. something we've got to work on. ♪ america >> reporter: that effort has already begun, with a parade of next generation republican leaders at the party's convention. from florida senator marco rubio, the son of cuban immigrants -- >> we're special because dreams that are impossible anywhere else, they come true here. >> the american dream isn't just my story. >> reporter: to utah's mia love, who lost her race for congress last night. and ted cruz of texas, a tea party favorite who won his race for the senate -- >> can we retire president barack obama? >> reporter: and who we talked to at the convention. people say, all the r
their heads." plenty more republicans were more than willing to go on the record. >> the romney campaign did nothing -- zero -- nothing -- in the last few days to jump-start the governor. >> after that first debate, i don't know where that mitt romney went. i mean in the summertime, he was raising a lot of money and he was on lake winnipesaukee, he was having fun on the jet ski. >> when conservative commentator ann coulter defended romney, ingraham incredulously disagreed. >> if mitt romney cannot win in this economy, then the tipping point has been reached. we have more takers than makers and it is over. >> i'm sorry, this is going to sound cruel, but some of the times i didn't feel like he was connecting with the material. and i think you have to connect with the material. maybe it's people who have actually been in the trenches for decades, not someone who just was a success in business. >> some republicans are quietly pointing fingers at new jersey governor chris christie for praising the president too much in the handling of -- in the aftermath of hurricane sandy last week. >> if the pr
kansas will be won by mitt romney, the republican presidential nominee. continuing other states. louisiana in the south. eight electoral votes. mitt romney will carry louisiana. >> good news for mitt romney. he has won tonight. we can announce this. most of the confederacy. >> i'm still confident that virginia and north carolina are going to swing to mitt romney before the evening is over. i think what we saw august 1st with all of those people going out to get a chicken sandwich, chick-fil-a day was dress rehearsal for today. >> it is not a traditional america. there are 50% of the voting public who want stuff. they want things. and who is going to give them things. president obama. >> another major major projection cnn now projects pennsylvania will be won by the president of the united states. >> now that pennsylvania has gone blue, if ohio goes blue, what's mitt romney's path to the white house? >> my silent majority that i hoped would be there not only silent but invisible. it is looking very tough rig
community. >> then romney's moderate record put him at odds with fellow republicans. some of the bigger questions for republican center on the growing hispanic neighborhoods. latinos are the largest minority, and they voted overwhelmingly for president obama. this restaurant is run by colombian immigrants. a place to shop and sometimes talk politics. what would it take for people to vote for republican candidates? >> the thing is our culture is very entwined with republicans. we are very religious, all of the things that make us republican, and except that they do not want us here. >> for now they must leave their losses. they know tomorrow the battle starts over again. >> despite president obama's victory his celebration may be short-lived. last night voters voted to keep the house of representatives in republican control. as you have seen, the divisions between the parties about how to deal with economic problems are fast. -- vast. >> this is a land where nothing changed overnight, a land still stuck in an economic rut. times are tough at the barber shop run by ivan loyd. obama has an
's always a small advantage for the republicans. but this time, a bigger advantage for mitt romney. he won them 56% to 42%. there's a problem for mitt romney, they only represented 60% of the electorate. four years ago, 66% of the electorate. married with children. mccain increased his margin there over romney. won it by 9, and for romney, 27% of the electorate in 2008, just 27% in 2012. let's move on here. unmarried voters didn't win them by that large of a margin. won in 2008, 27. and here's the bigger story, look at this, unmarried voters represents 40% of the electorate in 2012. margins matter a lot. in fact, president obama has done better with unmarried women, if you will, than any previous democratic presidential candidate. he's the two best of any democratic candidate. he won is by 70% of the vote of unmarried women. no democrats come close to even the 67. as you see here. gore, 63 was a pretty good one for him. that came up short. two winning campaign, bill clinton, 62%. and then '92, 53%. unmarried white women, i had a pollster tell me this was the most fluid part of the electora
to plan. >> republicans in a crisis of their own after mitt romney's disastrous defeat. does the governor's loss and demise signal a greater crossroads for the grand 'ole party? >> i think it's more of a branding problem because the branding problem is connected to problems of substance. >> what's the time frame here? is it the republican party perhaps a year and a half to sort of figure out what direction they're going to head in. a year and a half before the leaders of the republican party go to the front window of the club that they belong to, open up the drapes, and look out on main street and see the reality of life in america today. >> let's bring in today's political power group. steve mcmahon, co-founder of purple strategies, who also served as an adviser to howard dean's 2004 presidential campaign. and mark mckinney, co-founder of no labels and a daily beast contributor. steve, i want to start with you because it is the president's first day wak back on the job already. there is talk of the fiscal cliff. what's the best way to move the republican party back from the fringes, out
for republicans even before election day explaining how mitt romney's loss in the election would not be a reflection on anything about mitt romney or his policies or campaign or the republican party. they were explaining that before mr. romney even lost. october 31st, campaign sources told cbs news super storm sandy stalled romney's momentum. a few days before the election, if you hadn't had the storm, there would have been more of a chance for the romney campaign to talk about the deficit. the blame the storm line has continued all through today especially with former mississippi governor haley barbour speaking on the "today" show. >> hurricane sandy saved barack obama's presidency. it broke the momentum romney had coming in the end of october. >> this is a narrative republicans are telling themselves, that the beltway media is also now starting to tell itself because they keep hearing republicans say it. it is not a theory born from reality. this is a checkable thing, empirical idea. their theory is mitt romney was on track to win this thing if it weren'
of the republican party after romney's loss. >> congressman paul ryan, is he the leader of the republican party now? >> oh, i wouldn't think so. paul ryan is a policy -- >> well, there you go. paul ryan, you're not the leader of the republican party right now. officially here in washington, it is, speaker boehner. we're seeing more of the republican blame game. a romney supporter posted a tell all about the romney's campaign get out the vote effort known as orca. quote, this is what they told us. project orca is a massive understand taking. the newest unprecedented and most tech logically advanced plan to win the 2012 presidential election. pretty much everything in that sentence is false, this person keeps writing. and he said, the bitter iron any of this entire endeavor was that a supposedly small government candidate gutted the local structure of get out the vote efforts in favor of a centralized faceless organizations. in this case, their boston headquarters. wrap your head around that. karl rove whose failure to win victories at the helm of the cross roads had this defense on tuesday. >> he su
oklahoma republican tom cole, what does he think about mitt romney and paul ryan losing this election? his take away is this. the paul ryan budget passed a pretty big test. we had to run around the country and defend it. the ryan budget proved itself a viable platform on which to run and be reelected. wow. just to reiterate, this is what happened on election night. how does this constitute the ryan budget passing a big test. it took a big test but it did not pass that test, two very deficit things. the lesson of this election for republicans appears to be all that stuff we ran on, it totally worked. think about what determines what the republican party does next. what determines how they fix their political problems. the question of who is going to be the new face of the republican party and how they will course correct after this disastrously bad election for them, it all depends how they assess what just went wrong and why it went so wrong. what do they think their problem is, that caused the country to reject them so emphatically in 2012? the signs how their self-assessment is going so
if you get over 40% of fairfax county. romney got 39%. in the exurbs where republicans have done so well up until they have had to face obama twice obamain loudoun county, 25 miles outside of washington, d.c., obama got 52%. he got 57% in prince william county. republican governors, the governor who was elected bob mcdonnell in 2009, one of those areas. mitt romney and john mccain did very poorly. the suburbs is a place where republicans are going to have to do better. host: you have used the word turn out. is the democratic turnout operation simply better than the republican operation? guest: i think you had it right. it is the obama turn out. host: does that go away? republicans guest: can hope so. i am sure the democratic party has figured out, we have to repeat this. we have seen what the obama camping can do. we are going to do it again. republicans, they had a republicans, they had a much better effort by the party. i had a turnout party by conservative groups that made millions of calls. it did not produce what they hoped it would. they got a lot of voters out, but obviously not e
. and that's going to happen if the republicans keep thinking like mitt romney. >> you know, that's the question, ashley, and that is as you see the demographic changes, younger voters tend to be more liberal. we have a lot of hispanic people moving into the country, having a lot of kids and voting and being citizens, becoming part of the political process more than ever. and you have african-american voters, an african-american president, but there are other factors that have led them to the democratic party potentially. you see a lot of potential for the democratic party to grow. then when you add insult to injury, the other party says you were all bought, it seems to me that would just sort of fortify the democratic tendencies of the people we're talking about here. >> well, it's unclear what wing of the republican party mitt romney, you know, is going to be representing going forward, and i think that's one of the reasons you saw -- >> the mayor says he's out of business. i'm not sure he does have a future. >> that's why it's easy for the republicans to come out and criticize
with the republican party and candidate romney. they disagree with almost everyone in the republican party about the proper role of government. what services should provide, what are the things government can do to get ahead. they see them being opposed to what they are doing. it's not enough to say we're fine with immigration. >> so how much of a risk is it within the republican party to make a shift on immigration? such as hannity was talking about? there was an about face there. you have some senators saying, we have to work on reform. isn't it all about votes? it's not about their sincerity? >> it's about votes. this is an 11th hour conversion. there's not a great deal of substance to it. not only saying these kind and sympathetic words about latinos and immigration to bring them over to their side, they could cause a fire storm in their own party by sort of unleashing the furies about this issue. remember the last time they tried to do anything about immigration reform? the republican party practically store itself up. but i wouldn't be surprised if this happened again. there's no easy way
. this plan wasn't good enough to get mitt romney elected president but republicans are still selling it hard. at least this is what they have been selling in public. behind closed doors is a different story. john boehner doesn't have the leverage he used to have. on a conference call he told house republicans they had to avoid the nasty showdowns that mark so much of the last two years. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell was the number one obstructionist in the president's first term. now he tells "the wall street journal" he'll do whatever it takes to get a deal. i'd be willing to pay the ransom if e we thought we were going to get the hostage out. but the hostage is what? entitlement spending. mcconnell's intention, he's willing to agree to a dollar of new taxes for every dollar in cuts. what a difference an election makes. >> i'm going to ask a question on the stage. they seau had a real spending cuts deal, 10 to 1. spending cuts to tax increases. speaker, you're already shaking your head. but who on this stage would walk away from that deal? would you raise your hand about not rais
the anti-abortion activists, the only reason republicans lost this year, the only reason mitt romney is not president-elect right now, is because he was not anti-abortion enough. the group says, in its own internal polling of likely swing voters, that polling proves that the reason republicans did so poorly, is because republicans this year were not anti-abortion enough. which is funny, because actual exit polling from the actual election yesterday, shows that 59% of voters think that abortion should be legal in this country, which is the position of president obama and the majority of democratic candidates. and that is a 23-point advantage over the number of voters who think abortion should be illegal, which is the position of mitt romney and most republican candidates. so on an issue where two-thirds of the electorate thinks you are wrong, the anti-abortion movement says the secret is that you should campaign more on what everybody thinks you're wrong about. the numbers get even worse for republicans among latinos. yes, on this issue specifically. where less than a third of latino
will be 53-47 romney, over 300 electoral votes, and the republicans will pick up the senate. i base that on just years and years of experience. >> the wild card and what i've projected, i'm projecting minnesota to go for romney. >> karl, i'm with you. i think you're more optimistic. i've got this romney three points. >> i think ohio is going to be a squeaker, maybe an 80, 100, 110,000 vote margin, but i think the republicans are likely to take it. >> who's going to win this election? charles krauthammer, your best prediction? >> romney, very close, but he'll win the popular by, i think, about half a point, electoral college, i think probably a very narrow margin. >> it will be the biggest surprise in recent american political history. it will rekindle a whole question as to why the media played this race as a nail biter, where, in fact, i think romney's going to win by quite a bit. >> i'm now predicting a 330 electoral vote landslide. yes, that's right. 330 electoral votes. >> yes, that's right. no, it's not. wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. but republican conservatives really believed t
abortion should be illegal, which is the position of mitt romney and most republican candidates. so on an issue where two-thirds of the electorate thinks you are wrong, the anti-abortion movement says the secret is that you should campaign more on what everybody thinks you're wrong about. the numbers get even worse for republicans among latinos. yes, on this issue specifically. where less than a third of latino voters say they agree with the dominant republican position on this issue. after the republicans won a record number of state legislature states in 2010 and a bunch of governorships too, republicans in those states, since the 2010 election, have just been focused on abortion, like never before. they enacted a record number of new anti-abortion laws, more than at any time since roe versus wade became the law of the land. the same thing happened at the federal level, as soon as republicans took control of the house, after the 2010 mid-term elections. hr-3, as in the house republican's third bill overall, their bill was an anti-abortion bill. they have also tried to ban abortion
fit. mitt romney with this particular republican party in general, unless you have a base to return to, as paul ryan does. but if you are bob dole who quit the senate to run, you tend to kind of disappear. if you are a john mccain you can go back to the senate and john kerry the same thing. but there is no place in politics no elective sauoffice t mitt romney holds now. i don't see where he fits into this party now. >> he can become a cable tv host. who knows. what do you think? it seems like a lot of the republican party today was moving quickly. >> it sounds like a -- last night he didn't talk about we are going to continue to fight in the future. id sounded like he tried, he lost and there are a lot of people who regarded him as a transitional figure. so i think he will probably go back to business. i don't see politics in his future. >> will he pick up where he left off? broaden out there? >> he has time. he has something that is hard for a house member to get and that is nationwide recognition. and he is a bon fied brainyac when it comes to budget things. he understands the budget
of the republican party with the former chair. bill press will be joining us in 15 or 20 minutes. "romney is president." and what is next for the republicans? another piece from "the weekly standard." back to your calls. larry is on the democrats' line from ohio. caller: good morning. i think the grover norquist rule should be abandoned. we are americans. we all need to work together. republicans, democrats, and independents, this is our country. it was founded in a manner that we all live and work together. the pledge that they took on was a negative. it was not what we as the people of the united states voted for these people to do. it was something they adopted to do. it took the pledge to make president obama a1-term president. that is not something that we did. we just sent a message that was not what we wanted. this country needs to turn it around and work together. president obama and john boehner need to work out a deal. the house of representatives needs to work with a. we need to quit fighting wars on a credit card. lyndon baines johnson installed a surcharge tax to pay for the
the consequces thef the republicans won white house. not anti-romney, necessarily, wereiven what they aanding for, this was not matter of changeup office. -- a change of office. you that people who had the perception they would be a real threat to people. th is the reason why i saw turnout of people, young black widows i had never young black males never seen -- >> in dc. >> in d.c. >> in florida, where we think there was a voter suppression effort, the afcan-american vote went from 11% to 15%. >> mark? >> two point. not to tap dance on mitt romney's campaign, but what was romneyd idea of the campaign that woulsusurvive his candidacy? barry goldldwater energize the thousandof people. he gave his party y and new direction. gegeorge mcgovern did that. but i just do nonot think there was. once you do not have a bold idea, the candidacy is in peril. i never would have been able without your unbelievable supports. you, my friends, stood with me to buy thistried election. duckworth.tammy she lt two legs in combat. women did very well in the senate race. elizabeth warren, claire and so forth. 20 women i
sent a tweet this morning to that effect. republican party needs to regroup after mitt romney's loss. veteran republican strategist wallace says the gop does need to change. >> what happens at this juncture is the same we talk about a war in the republican party between moderates and conservatives. that's an irrelevant and outdated debate it about is modernizing the language -- >> reporter: harry reid sounds ready to compromise saying in a news conference yesterday it is better to dance than to fight. "good morning america" will have more on the fiscal cliff, coming up at 7:00. tonight diane sawyer has an interview with john boehner. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> >> traffic and weather together next. >>> live look outside from the embarcadero looking at the bay, a lot of clouds, clear skies not going to last long that system mike has been warning us about is here how rain will affect your neighborhood forecast when we come back. sue will check in with your commute. >>> east bay highway shuts down overnight the work by caltrans to make [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did
says that the president has 74,000 more votes than mitt romney, his republican challenger. that's about 50 percent of the florida vote to romney, two to obama, and 49.1 percent to romney. >> it's veterans day, and we are honoring those who risked their lives. here's the story of two such men from palo alto. >> reporter: one night there was a big explosion. everybody rushed to the docks and a cruise ship had been torpedoed. >> herman shapiro is a world war ii veteran. he was part of the 106 infantry division. he remembers quite vividly a night when u.s. ships were attacked in the english channel. >> bodies were floating all over, and people still alive. if you didn't try your best, people were going to die. >> only 18, he became a hero that night. >> i got into a rowboat and started pulling people out. it was poorer, complete horror. >> schapiro was scared to go into battle, but he believed it was the right thing to do. >> the stories that came out of germany were terrific. being of the jewish faith, it's like it meant more to me than someone else. >> either you were a dead or alive. >>
not want to go to. what can republicans do about that? >> romney saw he could get to his right of his rivals who are more conservative or immigration. he used that issue some would say to excess see himself as the most conservative person in the race. >> severely conservative. >> he finds himself running with a gap of hispanic voters that is not sustainable and he cannot recover from that. >> is going to be a civil war starting this morning in the republican party. it will be a blast to cover. we'll have a contest between the priest and mathematicians in the republican party. the priest think there is no compromise and that we have to preserve our core american values and not compromise on the debt. cut spending and did not balance the budget by raising taxes. that is the priest. then there is the mathematician. "texas b a swing states. -- will be a swing state." people like chris christie. the mathematicians solid he reached across party lines and had a voice and that maybe he is a chance to become the nominee. or chris christie could be an independent candidate. and helps block one
to a win for president obama. republicans have been making things up to convince people that romney was going to win this thing. >> if they're in trouble with the early vote they will lose ohio and the election. >> these polls are conducted by people who want obama elected and want their agenda. >> too many people weighting their model on the 2008 model showing a disproportionate turnout. >> it will be the biggest surprise in recent american political history. it will rekindle the whole question as to why the media played this race as a nail biter where in fact i think romney will win by quite a bit. >> republicans and the romney campaign actually believed all of this garbage, so their defeat was pretty hard to handle. one romney advisor said romney was quote shell-shocked by the loss. meanwhile, the mastermind behind most of the lies is still making stuff up. karl rove wrote in an op-ed today, the president was also lucky. this time the october surprise was not dirty trick, but an act of god, hurricane sandy interrupted mr. romney's momentum and allowed mr. obama to look presidenti
the facts of what mitt romney did with g.s. steel. >> i think thehe republican party and mitt romney has clearly been and could be brepted as an attack on the issues that matter to women. >> this is a guy who thinks corporations are people and straps the family dog to the roof of his car. >> he is speaking to their friends out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position. >> the word's out that he hasn't paid any taxes for 10 years. let him prove that he has paid tax because he hasn't. >> this is the e. coli club. >> going to put you back in chains. >> sean: this was an important race and a full-contact sport. so is football. what the president did to smear mitt romney and his family was the equivalent of a 15-yard face mask, a blow to the quarterback's head and a late hit, all rolled into one -- only he didn't care if he was penalized, he wanted to secure another four years ofepless golf, jay-z, beyonce, while the economy was tanking, terrorists murdering americans in benghazi. joining me now in the studio, radio talk show host, the outspoken b
romney lost. i'm more excited about why president obama won. and i don't care if the republican party rehabilitates itself. they are so out of touch, and those comments right there, we all now how they're connected to the republican party and the scorch serve tiff movement, but does this strengthen the democratic party? does this kind of thinking just shove more people right into the independent-minded arena that is going to favor the progressive agenda in america? what do you think? >> i think it absolutely does. if you want to look at minorities, african-americans with 93%, hispanics 71% for the president. ation-americans now the fastest grown minority group in the country went 73% for president obama and the democrats. these are numbers that make the republican party not just in the long term, in the medium term, and maybe in the short term unsustainable. it's untenable to be losing the future of the country by these kinds of margins. either they change or they die, they go the way of the when i ig party, and the civil war we'll see in the republican party. the opening salvos were
in its covert message. the message that they decided on was essentially to say that the romney republican agenda and they were always very clever in tying demands -- the man to his party is that he and they are not running for you. and they did it on the level of values. for women, one was the war on women, what was the contraception issue about? but to say they don't understand you, they don't care about you, they don't value you, they are not running for you. what was being about? tax cuts for the wealthy about? talk to the blue-collar, struggling worker, white, black hispanic or asian who struggles from paycheck to paycheck may go through periods of an insurance feature to say when it comes to the economy, they think the way is to give their friends more money and hope that they do well by you. you don't believe that, you are not running for you. latinos, the immigration issue was about. if you want to be part of the american jim they want you to pass the d.r.e.a.m. act. they are not running for you. does anyone have any questions as to why with those series of arguments and that ser
the election you had people who were not just predicting romney will eke it out in ohio. it's republican leaning, et cetera. they were saying we'd have a romney landslide in the swings states. and to come to that conclusion means i think you're a little bit out of touch with reality. and you better be right. we get a test. we get a test and it's the good thing about making a prediction or forecast you're called on your-- can i say ( bleep ) on tv? >> jon: not on this show you can't. on this program i believe you can only say ( bleep ). ( laughter ). i believe. if i'm correct. but that is-- what so struck me is i am not particularly versed in statistics, but as i read your blog, it was being used as a totem for the left because it was so positive for obama but the underpinnings of it were these polls statistically would not all have the same margin of error in the same distribution. >> right. >> jon: if it were not statistically provable it was moving in that protection. >> yeah, unless there were some bias in the polls. if anything the polls were a little low on some states for obama.
republicans. that poll is off by a factor of eight. so, instead of obama winning by one, romney would win florida by seven. in virginia, they have obama winning by two. but they have eight points more democrats than republicans and historically there's one point more republican than democrat. that's off by a factor of nine. romney wins ohio by -- wins virginia by seven. >> okay. so you are standing by your prediction of a romney landslide? >> absolutely. romney will win this election by five to ten points in the popular vote and will carry more than 300 electoral votes. >> well, that didn't happen. i wonder about the way people use jargon to establish their preeminence. he says, not by eight points but by a factor of eight and a factor of nine. is that supposed to give you some sense that this guy has a new -- has a different kind of, whatever, i don't know, slide rule he's using? what is this anyway, your thoughts on mr. morris? >> i mean, last night was a victory for pot, for gay marriage and for math. you know, these people have denied facts and math. one of the big arguments they put
for a reason because there's a lot of whispering among republican operatives in the romney campaign, oh, if it wasn't for sandy. that is not -- look at -- what happened in the state of florida, would have happened if the election had been september 6th, october 6th or november 6th. this was structural. this was demographic. this had nothing to do with any issue. no auto bailout. no sandy. no any other effects. and so any other excuse that some republicans make is whistling past their grave yards. >> you accept it's more about demographics, more latino voters, up 10%, almost 11%, almost maxing out. a pretty good showing among white voters, about 39, about the levels of the last four or five cycles. >> well, i mean, he dropped a little bit. he had 43% of the -- >> before him. >> yeah, around where gore and kerry were. you know, they were -- the people you mentioned before, david plouffe, jim messina and jim axelrod -- particularly messina and plouffe, i wrote about this, they saw this as a contest between economics and demographics. the economics were going to be a headwind for president
in the night on this election is for the republican party. there are 100 million folks in this country who are black, brown, asian, hispanic, middle eastern, they voted between 70 and 90% democratic and the white vote only went by 18 points to mitt romney. john of the seven largest states in the country, illinois, new york, pennsylvania, california have gone democratic in six straight elections. the other two, ohio and florida have swung democratic in two elections. and in texas, the white folks in chief connection texas -- texas are now a minority. >>> do you think this was a split verdict? >> not at all. the president won 51.4% of the popular vote which he becomes the sixth president in history to win two terms with over 50% of the dwight eisenhower, i might add. he won an electoral college landslide. george w. bush with a much smaller electoral win pronounced he had a mandate. this president is not going to use that language, it is oh, so 20th century, not how he intends to govern. but beneath the numbers of a reelected president, a senate that is divided, there was an earthquake. it wa
voted for romney. the marriage gap was a whopping 41 points with america voters decide as a republican in this election, and a growing group of nonmarried overwhelmingly democratic. all of these data are in our new aei political report prepared by andrew. we also want to thank claude for getting the support done with all of the latest 2012 data from 22 key demographic groups available for you today. the demographic changes are being felt in congress, too. david wasserman of "the cook political report" wrote that for the first time ever white men will no longer be a majority of the democratic caucus. in 1953, he says there were 98% of house democrats, and 97% of house republicans. along with the demographic data, the exit polls show obama was able to choose the economic issue, and he won overwhelmingly on empathy. we are going to begin today with michael barone who will tell us what happened and why. all of us on this bill have made election predictions over the course of election watching. sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get it wrong. in his "washington examiner" column yesterd
, republicans have clearly emphasized mitt romney has emphasized the economy. one thing, i want to ask about this it's not been brought up much, the obama campaign has made strategic decision not to try to blame the economy on bush even though let's face it, most of the damage occurred just as he was leaving office. >> he had to come up with a new message. >> point is the economy tanked in late '07 or -- mid '08. obama president campaign not been trying to say this is bush's fault. but a lot of people recognize that there was clearly republican involvement there. i'm just wondering if women voters are more likely to say to themselves, i'm for the economy but i don't trust the republican guy because the economy tanked when a republican was in office. >> for one thing, look, i think republicans and democrats are both to blame for where our country is today. it wasn't one party that set up the $16 trillion debt. i think president obama put the pedal to the metal but both parties for blame. i think that's where we are as a country, we have two different choices. what mitt romney is talking about
to washington and being a republican. >> the romney proposal on the individual development accounts got a lot of praise. are there areas where you could see the two parties working together? >> surem, on job training but it is not just spend more money like the jobs bill the president obama wanted which was $8 billion when he was already spending $23 billion on a program that was scattered throughout the government. there needs to be necessary reform to improve job training so that people who are unemployed can get irrelevant training and when they graduate, they can get real jobs. i actually agree -- i think divided government is an excellent opportunity to tackle the really important issues in our country. the largest issues we have are the spending. we will lose our rating once again as a nation because of our irresponsible deficit spending. if the two parties can get together because government is divided and tackle the whole issue about entitlements spending, we would be contributing a great deal to our country. >> the president expressed openness to reductions in spending with talks wit
to say that the romney republican agenda, and they were always very clever in a time the man to his party is she and they are not running for you. and they did it on the level of values. for when and what was the war of women about? what was the contraception issue about? to say they don't understand you, they don't care about you, they don't value you, they are not runnfoyou? what were the tax cuts for the wealthy about? it was to talk to the blue-collar struggling worker, white, black, hispanic or asian whose troubles from paycheck to paycheck the mayor goes through a period of an insurance each year to say when it comes to the economy, they think that's the way is to give their friends more money and hope they do well by you. you don't believe that they are not running for you. latinos come about with the immigration issue was about. you want to be part of the american dream they won't even pass the dream act. they are not running for you. does anyone have a question as to why those series of arguments and that series of consistency that ties and interweaves into a mirage that makes se
to immigration issues. there is something about the dynamics of the republican party in the primaries that romney thought he could survive by positioning himself to the right and ultimately win by being as far right as possible on immigration. that is the first issue you chose not to move to the center on and did not move in the debates when he did move center on other issues. he felt he could not do it. i wonder, given christie's position in this, and cuomo's speech, that it is not a question of the science but just managing the consequences, maybe we can find a basis for acting. on the rubric of energy, there's a lot that obama wants to do on energy -- natural gas, etc., addressing climate change in the process -- it may be pragmatic in the context of this crisis and there may be movement. >> this question is for matt. as we see the latino population getting bigger, more affluent, more politically involved, and also the culturally based, normally socially conservative family, opening the gates up for everyone as long as they have equal opportunity -- if there is a legitimate latino candidate in
that if romney had won this election it would be the last national election that a republican would win under the same rules and principles. if you look at the numbers and there was a zogby poll that came out this afternoon that shows where -- how those numbers have changed over the last two or four years and they are significant. republicans have to address that when -- one way or another. i had dinner with arthur davis who outlined what he thought and his points were significant in terms of what blacks and hispanics believe or what the one. it will be of long time before the wind. >> regarding the fiscal cliff, and the economic issues. what we saw last night were that the voters voted for the status quo which is gridlock. they did not see a clear distinction between either of the party so they went with what they now and what they know is what we have seen in the last two years, is a standstill. they continue to evaluate which direction they want to go and that is what we will see in the next few weeks and in the next few years we will see what we have seen in the last two years. >> i'm cur
data mined for republican campaigns but not mitt romney's says a republican ticket might use that information to win persuadable voters in an area like northern virginia. >> so if you're a republican running in a democratic area perhaps in arlington or alexandra, these are people you might need to talk to. you would talk to them with a very specific message about why you should not vote for the democrat this time. >> the biggest problem for privacy advocates? >> the lack of transparency, i don't know what obama knows about me, i don't know what romney knows about me, i don't know what the 2016 candidate's going to know about me but they will know more than obama did. >> the obama campaign responded to that by telling us that it is committed to protecting individual privacy going above and beyond what the law requires in that field. and they say they've got strong safeguards in place to make sure that your personal information is not provided to outside entities, wolf. they say they guard that closely. >> why does it seem the obama campaign was better at this, the data mining
need to avoid this fiscal cliff. >>> following mitt romney's sound defeat top republican officials take stock of what went wrong. members of the gop tell the washington post they plan a series of polls and focus groups to find new ways to appeal to more voters. could it lead to more cooperation with the white house? we put that question to former house speaker newt gingrich. >> i do think the problems we face are so large that it's irresponsible for the two governing parties to just start out by saying let's have four years of gridlock. they should at least try to find is there a common ground which is compatible with the values of both republicans and democrats that at least moves the ball forward 50% even if neither side gets 100% of what they want. >> newt gingrich and his wife callista were here during our noon news to promote their two new books. >>> there is a lot of talk today about a video just released by president obama's campaign and it features a rare emotional moment from the president who we all know is known for keeping it cool. >> because what you guys have done and the
they live. i think romney did not have that agenda, and republicans have not had that agenda, and it bears some thinking about what that agenda would be. gerri: the kitchen table. food on the table and gas in the tank. >> obama had the right rhetoric. the middle class and take home pay, but i'm not sure there were the signature policies to back those words up. gerri: a long way to go and stuff to get through before that happens. it will be interesting to see. thank you for coming on. always great to see you. now we want to know what you think. here is our question. sinn millionaires pay higher taxes? logitech, on the right-hand side of the screen and also the results of the end of the show. >> coming up on "the willis report," obamacare is here to stay after surviving the election. how will it impact the health plan you sign up for this open enrollment season? what you need to know next. a fall from grace for the now former head of the cia david patraeus. taking a new twist. k. t. mcfarland is here with the unbelievable details. and just like in hurricanes past, sandy left
of the republican party mitt romney, you know, is going to be representing going forward, and i think that's one of the reasons -- >> the mayor says he's out of business. i'm not sure he has a future. >> that's why it's easy for the republicans to come out and criticize him because they're not alienating a tea party -- >> you said people like jindal and ayotte and people like that and haley barbour can say the guy is wrong. >> i think they did say that. i think they said they didn't agree with those comments so -- >> let me go back to this -- you know, i want to talk about the president for a second. i thought mitt romney gave a wonderful concussion speech. he said i called the president, it was 11:20 or so. he came out and basically said, you know, he came out alone, didn't bring the family with him, didn't cry on anybody's shoulder, took it like a person of some kind of nobility. he also said i just talked to the president. i congratulated him, i'm praying for him, i'm here to help him if he wants help. the president came back and side maybe -- he did a good job with the olympics. make maybe h
republicans who think they have a future must in one fashion or another denounce mitt romney and everything he says post this election cycle. if they don't, the republicans will be consigned to the scrap heap of defeat in 2016 and even beyond. i don't understand how anybody other than bobby jindal would be the only one who would step up to the plate. they all should step up to the plate. >> well, well-said. here is bobby jindal, one of the people who has distanced himself from this claim the only reason romney lost the race to president obama is because he was out bought. as you said, here is louisiana governor, jobby jindal. let's listen. >> i absolutely reject that notion, that description. i think that's absolutely wrong. i don't think that represents where we are as a party and where we're going as a party. and i think that's got to be one of the most fundamental take aways from the election. >> that's a good sign that a little republican diversity won't hurt. scott walker backed up jindal's comments saying the gop isn't just for people who are currently not dependent on the people, it's f
in the minds of governor romney and republicans, but it hurt president obama when he said you didn't build that. those are pivotal statements made in the campaign which was a contest between government and individual freedom, opportunity, and entitlement and, unfortunately, for the republican party, their standard bearer and whatever else, and he is one of the fine of the men we have run for office but unfortunately for the republican party he could not articulate to the middle class and those who aspire to it, the reasons for fidelity to those values that make up the republican party. >>neil: what happens to the jazz base? they didn't come out. everyone was worried about the democrats being determined out and not into it but it was the other way around. >>reporter: it was. and it was interesting to see all of the analysis since election night but one big section of voters, a cross section of voters has been left out of the analysis and it is shocking. you don't hear people mentioning ron paul. what happened to the ron paul voters? it is as if were never under consideration. he didn't endorse m
. this was an appalling number of la toneos, supporting republican -- supporting mitt romney, out there. the argument is, if republicans just embrace amnesty, then latinos will vote for republicans. do you buy that argument? >> well, i mean, i should point out two things. it is not just latinos who voted overwhelmingly for the president, it's also asian-american voters, who were, what? 72% of the vote went to the president. that's an even larger margin. both of these block, latino and asian-americans care about immigration reform, not amnesty, which is what people on fox news-- the word you throw around in here. we want -- >> okay. so for the sake of argument, call it what you want -- immigration reform. again, if mitt romney -- i want your honest opinion, if mitt romney had come out and said, i am for immigration reform, i will pursue that in my first term, do you think mitt romney would have won 50% of the latino vote? >> he certainly would have won a lot bigger than he did. >> really?! >> yes. i mean, look, what was really missing, i am saying this as someone who followed governor rom no around in th
is a republican and a co-chair of the romney campaign in wisconsin, when she was asked just after the election whether a photo i.d. law in that state might have affected the results of the election, this is how she responded. >> do you think photo i.d. would have made any difference to the outcome of this election? >> yes, i think so. we're looking at all sorts of different precincts and all sorts of same-day registrations. i know people will say, we won't have fraud and abuse in our election, but why can't we have voter i.d. when the majority of people in our election, why should one judge be able to hold it up? >> the absence of a voter i.d. law, the romney campaign co-chair in wisconsin says is why mitt romney lost the election in that state. do you think the photo i.d. would have made any difference in the outcome? absolutely. really? of this election? yes, i think so. she's saying one of two things here. she's either saying the only reason why president obama was elected in wisconsin this year was because of voter fraud, from these people who were showing up and registering and voting, an
convincing win over republican challenger mitt romney in the 2012 election. aides say obama has immediately turned to the so-called fiscal cliff of $700 billion in expiring tax cuts and automatic spending reductions set to take effect at the end of the year. under the terms of last year's debt deal, obama and senate democrats must agree on a deficit reduction package with house republicans or face automatic cuts that will likely contract the economy. on wednesday, both senate majority leader harry reid and house speaker john boehner pledged to negotiate in good faith. >> the american people want us to work together. republicans and democrats want us to work together. they want a balanced approach to everything, but especially the situation we have dealing with this huge deficit and taxes that are part of that. >> there is an alternative to going over the fiscal cliff. it involves making real changes to the financial structure of entitlement programs and reforming our tax code to curb special interest loopholes and deductions. by working together and creating a simpler, cleaner tax code, we
. if the republican party had a slicker version, more human version of romney, alessa beta version, they might have gone further and won. that was lucky for the democrats. tavis: you have given me a wonderful segue which is now what the future of the gop is. what kind of person into the future, i have -- do they have to put up given the demographic shifts in this country? >> they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. their first impulse is marco rubio for president because we need latinos and he is a cuban- american. that put him up there. i think they're going to have to realize that if they really want to be effective they're going to have to change some policies. they cannot find biffar managers with it -with existing policies. there will have to cling to and believe in their small government believes and what they will do is try to find ways to put a kinder, gentler, ideally for them, hispanic female, african-american faces on the same old same old. they have tried in recent times. the conservative principles, the conservative movement has been pretty resilient. in 1964 aft
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